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Dear friend.
The Covid Virus won't let us go. Unfortunately I am currently having problems getting urgently needed material. So it is not possible for me to adhere to additional delivery times. Please excuse this. In the hope of an early end to this predicament.



New F1 Easy TimerV2

Two funktion.

more look under picture.

Price 35€ + shipping.

Role for F1A / H lines.

150mm outer diameter.

Colors red and gray available.

Price 15€ + shipping.


7.2020 New


F1H with Airtimer and Servohook, Electronic Buntroller / Servodisc  Servoholder for XV 8-309 + DES 488

Fuselage with double servo bracket.


gallery/buntroller (2)
gallery/servodisc xv 8-309

Buntroller 50€

Servodisc EMC Vega 7€

gallery/fuselage with disc

Servoholder EMC Vega - DES 488, 25€

Double servo bracket  more under picture

Now Android App for Airtimer available

5 Servotimer, Servohook, Altitude, Bluetooth,Free Apple and Playstore Download.

      Congratulation to Filip.


Filip flies models from my workshop.

gallery/servodisc des488

Servodisc Graupner DES488 7€